How Should You Place A Fish Tank To Feng Shui Your Bedroom?

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In addition to the living room, many people like to put a Feng Shui fish tank in the bedroom because they want to make it lively. However, around this issue, there are still many conflicting opinions, some people agree, but some people disagree, so make people wonder when deciding. So is the bedroom a good place to put a Feng Shui fish tank?

The concept of placing a Feng Shui fish tank in a bedroom

Should a fish tank be placed in the bedroom? Turning around this question has two conflicting ideas. First, the concept does not agree to put the aquarium in the bedroom for the following reasons. The sound of fish, the headlights in the tank will affect sleep. Besides, the blue color of aqua brings reflection, and it is difficult for people to fall asleep. Besides, water is engraved with fire, but fire is considered to be our aura and objects in the room. Therefore, if you put a Feng Shui fish tank in your bedroom, it will adversely affect your health.

However, the other opinion is that it should be placed in a bedroom, this is a good thing. The flow in the fish tank symbolizes the flow of money. Therefore, when placing the aquarium here, it will bring meaning to preserve and increase fortune for homeowners. On the other hand, the green color of the water combined with the gliding swim of the fish brings light and pleasant feeling. Therefore, putting the aquarium in the bedroom has the effect of dispelling anguish, tiredness, bringing a comfortable and fresh sleep to us.

Reflecting on the above concepts are all derived from personal opinions and not clearly verified. The problem is that depending on the preferences and styles of each person; it is decided whether to put the aquarium in the bedroom. Another issue to consider is the size of the aquarium. Where is the appropriate choice for the aquarium in the bedroom?

Fish tanks that suitable for sleeping in the bedroom

If you love and want to put a Feng Shui fish tank in your bedroom, how should you choose fish tanks? The bedroom space is not too big, in which the bed has occupied most of the area. Therefore, when choosing fish tanks, it is advisable to buy small-sized fish tanks such as fish tank wall, crescent moon shape, circle, etc. It is suitable for both space and avoids noise, making you comfortable. More comfortable when sleeping.

In order to bring good meaning, when choosing a Feng Shui fish tank in the bedroom, it is necessary to synthesize Feng Shui elements.

How to place a Feng Shui fish tank in your bedroom?

Before buying a tank, you should check it out first or ask a Feng Shui master to see if your network is suitable for the aquarium or not, usually on the principle of matching: earthen fire, earthenware, water-borne water, carpentry, wood fire. The principle of carving is wood carving, earth carving, hydrography, fire carving, metal carving, and wood carving.

– The most suitable place for aquariums in the house is the living room.

– Fish tank located in the southeast of the house is the ideal direction. This is a traditional area for homeowners to increase wealth and prosperity. You can also place an aquarium in the north to supplement your career or east of the house to enhance your family’s health.

– Should the aquarium be set in the bedroom? Fish tanks should be placed on the colors of the host’s network. In it, destiny Moc: North, green. The Earth Kingdom: southwest, blue. Destiny Kim: North direction, white. Destiny: North or East direction, white or green. Destiny should not buy fish tanks.

– If you want to block negative gas sources, you should put the aquarium outside the house provided the house has a fence, and there is a certain distance to the house next door. It is possible to place an aquarium right under the rafters to help family members reduce stress and mental pressure.

– Should the aquarium be set in the bedroom? Choose the type of fish to raise. Arowana is the most mentioned fish in Feng Shui, but the price is quite high, so it cannot be suitable for everyone. Carp or goldfish are also appropriate choices because they are beautiful and easy to raise; the price is also more acceptable. Every 8-9 fishes are red, orange, yellow; you should add a blackfish to create balance. The purpose of releasing blackfish is to allow it to absorb negative energy before affecting family members. If you don’t have a fish tank in a big tank, you can also drop into the yellow fish tank and a blackfish.

– Regularly cleaning aquariums properly: replacing water sources, cleaning aquatic plants, tank decorations, ensuring nutritional sources for healthy fish.

With the analysis as above, we certainly understand the importance of placing an indoor aquarium according to Feng Shui as well as whether to put the aquarium in the bedroom or not. Although this is a popular trend, most of them comply with Feng Shui principles that will be better, with clear, specific explanations, you may have a way to put a fish tank to give your home a prosperous atmosphere.


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