Little-known Principles About Feng Shui Bedroom Door And How To Fix It?

As with other doors, bedroom doors should follow these Feng Shui rules:

Basic Feng Shui Bedroom Door Rules

The bedroom door opposite the door to the house will “break” your sleep. Because the main door is always facing the big road and facing the street, the outside sounds will often echo into your home.

And the bedroom door facing the kitchen door can affect the health of the person living in that room. Because the kitchen is a cooking place, if the bedroom is directed to the kitchen, the smell of food and grease will come into the room, reducing the vitality of the whole room, causing illness and affecting the health of the owner.

Or the bedroom door opposite the toilet door will break the positive energy source. Because toilets often store unclean things so if the bedroom door is directed to the toilet, it will make the owner vulnerable to disease and reduce the air movement of the whole room.

Besides, the location of the bedroom door also needs privacy, since it is related to the circulation of positive energy in the room, so the unreasonable arrangement will affect the fortunes of everyone in family. Therefore, it should be avoided when arranging the bedroom door to be beneficial for health and posture.

In addition, in the traditional conception of Feng Shui school, the bedroom door directly into the big door will be directly attacked by the big door, affecting the health and transport of people. To turn this disadvantage away, you can arrange a screen or build a wall covering the bedroom . The room or wall helps the outside air not rush straight into the room. At the same time, they also create privacy and privacy for the bedroom space.

Feng Shui Bedroom Door And Things You Need To Avoid

Do not place a mirror directly into the bedroom door

Mirrors are an indispensable accessory in every home and are essential for every room. Many houses have additional mirrors in the room to create a feeling of deep and wide space for the whole house.

The effect of mirrors in Feng Shui is mainly used to take on the opposite side of the assault, to bring the killing intent back, to make the face of the assassination avoid losses. However, you should not place a mirror directly into the door. This negatively affects people in the room. It is easy to cause psychology of self-obsession, startled, not good for health.

Pay attention to how to place the worship god statue

In order to seek peace and relaxation, placing and worshiping gods in the house is nothing to blame, but keep in mind that the gods should not face the door of the room, nor should they be placed inside. Bedroom. In Feng Shui apprenticeship that will bring about unhappiness to people, can not be underestimated, it must be remembered that the face of the god statue should not be directed to the bedroom.

Bedroom door size with Feng Shui

In addition to reasonable layout and bedroom door arrangements, you should also refer to the Feng Shui bedroom door sizes for your home.

Here are some of  the standard bedroom door sizes of Feng Shui you can use for your family:

  • Bedroom door size for homeowners: High: 1.90 – 2.10 – 2.30 (meters) – Width: 0.82 – 1.04 – 1.24 (meters)
  • Bedroom door size for children at school-age: High: 1.90 – 2.10 – 2.30 (meters) – Width: 0.82 – 1.06 – 1.26 (meters)
  • Bedroom door size for guests or grown-up children: High: 1.90 – 2.10 – 2.30 (meters) – Width: 0.85 – 1.05 – 1.2 (meters)

Feng Shui for bedroom with 2 or 3 doors

The bedroom has 2, 3 doors which are bedrooms with 2 to 3 doors separating the space in the room and outside the room. These are the designs of bedroom doors often appear in hotels, rooms, rooms with balconies, mini gardens, toilet doors, …

Making the bedroom door according to Feng Shui housing can design a bedroom with 2, 3 doors, however, if limited it is best. Homeowners need to pay attention to some issues after 2, 3 bedroom door layout like:

  • Do not put the door into the bedroom opposite each other will cause conflicts constantly, discord and can cause separation.
  • Two, three bedroom doors are required to put each other in staggered, avoid placing a seamless circuit from this door to the other door, this type of dark cavalry in Feng Shui.
  • Doors cannot be directed to the bed.

Feng Shui For Bedroom Door Opposite The Main Door

According to Feng Shui for bedroom doors, the bedroom door opposite the door is extremely dark when arranging bedroom doors and main doors. This phenomenon is often referred to as a “killing match” that carries killing intent into the house.

If arranged in the style of bedroom door toward the main door, it will cause trouble for people in the bedroom, family often takes place in discord, conflicts and quarrels between members. However, this type of design often appears in small-sized apartments so many families have to live in apartments designed with the maximum use of space, leading to this taboo. .

Therefore, it is necessary to disintegrate the bedroom door in a bad direction so as not to accept bad things to the family. In order to turn the Feng Shui into the main bedroom door, there may be the following solutions:

  • Placing the screen between two doors for the purpose of shielding the gas from outside the house.
  • Use stone statues to stop the wind from crashing into the bedroom.
  • Use curtains to shield the bedroom door (curtain must be thick, color).

Feng Shui For Bedroom Door Facing The Staircase

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom door should not face the staircase going up because it is sandless, causing bad impacts on the air in the room, leading to stagnation, uncontrolled yin and yang energy. Easy to make indoor air leak out and make sleepers suffer from health problems.

The houses have been built but can not be moved, the only method of resolution by hanging thick curtain fabric or in front of the door put a string of coins, Five Elements to let the gas from the stairs down to run out.

Feng Shui Bedroom Door Facing Toilet Door

Sleep is very important to anyone’s life. Do you know that to get good sleep, it is certain that the bed of a Feng Shui has a certain influence, helping people to sleep deeply and not having bad things?

One of the Feng Shui faults that many houses have is to keep the bedroom door facing the toilet, the bed facing the toilet door because the house area is limited, especially in apartment buildings.

Bed opposite to the toilet door caused many inconveniences for homeowners, bringing many unfortunate things, unpopular financial resources, the decrease in the health of room owners, prone to osteoarthritis and muscle pain.

Bed in Feng Shui is very important because it is a place for people to rest and restore energy, but also here the human body is also affected by the fact that we are in a passive state when sleeping so it may be affected by negative energy sources. In the meantime, toilets are often wet places, saving unpleasant odors, so it is easy to generate negative energy sources. So you need to change and fix this problem as soon as possible.

Feng Shui For Bedroom Door Facing Each Other

In Feng Shui, the door is where the air flows in and out, including bad air, so the room doors need to be intertwined. Need to minimize the 2-door layout of the bedroom opposite each other because the bedroom door opposite each other is a close match, bringing bad gas field, affecting luck, a fortune for homeowners.

Should The Bedroom Door Open In Or Out?

In the Feng Shui of houses, the direction of opening the bedroom is also an important position in absorbing natural energy, attracting prosperity, bringing good luck and good health to the owner.

There are still many concerns now that it is best to let the bedroom open or open. According to Feng Shui door to the bedroom, to attract fortune and good air into the room and into your house, it is recommended to arrange the direction of the bedroom door to open but absolutely not open. You should also note that around the bedroom door do not place dirty objects like trash cans as this can prevent good energy from entering the room.


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