This Is The Best Bedroom Direction By Feng Shui Experts

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It is important to avoid sleeping in the “dead place” in Feng Shui because it not only dissipates the owner’s money but also adversely affects health. The bed is not only a place for people to rest, relax, serve daily life but also a very important part in Feng Shui bedroom, especially the position of the bed. If you know how to arrange beds in accordance with the destiny of the landlord and in favorable locations, fortune will come “rumbling”.

Your Best Bed Direction According To Feng Shui

When making a bed, it should be noted that the headboard should be in the direction of Five Birth Elements because the right direction will concentrate the vitality, help sleep well and be alert when waking up.

According to the Feng Shui bed, the homeowners have destiny Wood, Water, and Fire, so they can sleep in the direction of North, East, South, and Southeast. These directions will bring good things to the family. For those who have Metal and Earth Element, the best way to make a bed is to be Northeast, Northwest, Southwest, and West.

Bed Layout To Avoid In Feng Shui Bedroom

– Make a bedside table not close to the wall, make a bed in the middle of the room : Bed that leaves the room and the headboard  to play with, ie “reveal”, no support, no shelter will lead to a lot of sand little, the bedroom space is too fragmented, causing many disadvantages for homeowners.

– The bed is located directly opposite and is located on a straight line with the door: This is called “dead position” in Feng Shui because the air canopy and killing intent will come directly to the lying, dangerous to health and degrade the name of the owner.

In this case, the owner should move the bed, not to let the bed and the door into a straight line. If the bed cannot be moved, turn the other direction to sleep.

– Make a bed in a position where there is too many messy furniture: Three sides of the bed are a gas gathering place, space for good air circulation, so you should pay attention not to put things around, avoid obstructing the air, no air condenser. Therefore, when arranging furniture in the bedroom, leave space on the three sides of the bed.

 – Make beds under windows: This will affect homeowners’ health.  If you put a bed under a window, the homeowner will not have any protection or support, and at the same time, this type of inventory also removes an important source of energy because energy will easily escape from the room.

In case of having to put a bed under a window because there is no other way, the landlord needs to hang a heavy cloth curtain and always close it when sleeping at night.

If the bed can be based on two walls opposite the door (or vice versa or cross with the door) and it is in the direction of Feng Shui your fortune will help you improve the financial situation, inviting more business opportunities and work for you.

Use More Feng Shui Items To Attract More Fortune

You can order different types of money bowls, Feng Shui vases, coins or a box of jewelry or precious metals, gems under the bed to improve sleep, as well as control assets and create more wealth.


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