How To Feng Shui A Dressing Desk In Your Bedroom?

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A beautiful, handy dressing table, placed in the right position will bring luck and auspicious. However, not everyone knows where the dressing desk should be placed in the bedroom properly and Feng Shui? The following helpful answers will help you.

How to choose a Feng Shui dressing table for your bedroom?

Choose the right color, according to your Five Element

Women often prefer outstanding colors: pink, red, dark, or white. But when buying beautiful and stylish dressing tables, you should not choose by feeling but choose colors that are suitable for your bedroom space and especially with your network; it will be appropriate and bring more luck. Each person’s palace will correspond to the Five Elements: Metal Element, Wood Element, Water Element, Fire, and Earth. Specifically:

  • Metal: Suitable for white, iridescent, yellow, avoid red, pink color.
  • Wood: Suitable for blue, black because black represents Water Aquatic Life. Avoid using white and iridescence because of etching.
  • Water: Suitable for black, navy blue or white, iridescent
  • Fire: Suitable for red, pink, and purple color, avoid using the black color of Water.
  • Earth: Suitable for brown, yellow or pink, red, purple, avoid using green.

Choose the right size for a desk in a Feng Shui bedroom

The size of the dressing table is also an issue that you need to be aware of. The size of the table must be standard, suitable for the bedroom space and especially the solidly designed bed. Depending on the size of the room and the size of the bed to find the product that suits the room, avoid choosing tables that are too big or too small.

Where should a dressing desk be located in the bedroom? The first criterion must be in harmony with the area and beautiful, delicate bedroom furniture. So your bedroom will be perfect and harmonious in the way.  

The number of drawers also influences Feng Shui effects in your bedroom

The decision to choose a dressing desk more or less is also a headache choice for women. More compartments will help hold more cosmetics, making each type easier. However, many compartments when looking at will lose the aesthetics and turn it into a storage area. Therefore, look for tables with few drawers, pay attention to the area of ​​the drawers, and check if the drawer slider is easy to use.

The material of the desk is essential to Feng Shui your bedroom

Dressing material is also an important issue related to the temperament and luck of the owner. Women destined for Metal Element, Water Element, and Earth Element should choose a vanity made from iron, stainless steel, and metal. Women of Wood Element and Fire should select wood.

Should you choose a smart/all-in-one dress desk?

Modern women with a lot of social work and family care should consult the smart dressing table and the more versatile, the more convenient. The dressing table of the famous furniture brand IBIE is also a good suggestion that serves both your beauty needs and can be combined with a desk to save bedroom space.

Where should the dressing desk be located in the bedroom?

Do not place mirrors opposite the bedroom door

Dressing table always comes with a mirror. A very important note in Feng Shui when choosing the direction of the dressing table in the bedroom is never to place the table opposite the bedroom door because the door is the room where the air flows in and out of the vanity mirror. The projector makes the air enter the room back out. Therefore, makeup tables need to pay attention to the direction of the mirror’s rotation to avoid the direction of the door.

Do not put the opposite makeup mirror in the bedside cabinet

The location of a dressing table in the bedroom is also set to avoid facing the headboard, or to the bedside cabinet. When you are sleeping, facing the mirror will make the spirit always stressful, easy to cause illness due to the quality of sleep. Besides, when you woke up, your dreamy state looked at your image in the mirror to startle you.

Direction for dressing table

Put the dressing table in the bedroom should follow the direction for Feng Shui is a question many women care about. An essential note that you need to know when placing a vanity mirror, it is best to lie parallel to the direction of the bed, both convenient to use and avoid projection into the bed. When the room is too cramped, there is no space to list, forced to face; you must choose the type of dressing table that can be folded.

It is up to you whether you are from Dong Tu Trach or Tay Tu Trach to choose the direction, but the best three directions to set are East, Southeast, and North. These directions have the effect of enhancing vitality, health, and bringing good luck to the owner.

Avoid placing the south dressing table

Whatever destiny you are, absolutely avoid heading south. A mirror is considered a water element that the South represents the fire element, very conflicting, and will eliminate vitality and bring bad luck to the owner.

Displaying objects on the Feng Shui dressing table

When designing and presenting furniture, you must always create consistency and harmony for the space of the room. Therefore, when buying and displaying makeup tables, it must be suitable for interior and exterior decoration items. For small rooms, it is recommended to set a small table or combine with the working function to be convenient to use.

In addition to paying attention to the location of the dressing table in the bedroom, it is also recommended that the fixtures on the table should be noted. Should not be rife with furniture, but neatly arranged, makeup items or use, then put on the table for easy use, less used things, then store in the storage compartment, arranged according to the year need to be able to retrieve it quickly.


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