How Should You Hang Bedroom Curtains For Feng Shui Purpose?

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Curtains not only have a decorative effect but also bring privacy to your bedroom, it also has a substantial impact on Feng Shui elements in the family. Therefore, choosing Feng Shui bedroom curtains is a fundamental issue that needs to be carefully considered.

Five basic principles of choosing bedroom curtains according to Feng Shui

A bedroom is an indispensable place of the curtains because the curtains work to shield the sun, bring privacy, and also decorate the room more flawlessly. However, since ancient times, women have chosen to choose bedroom curtains according to Feng Shui in the hope of receiving many lucky things, the warmth in the life of husband and wife as well as talent and fortune. So far, that concept still exists and is valued in every family, but not everyone knows how to choose bedroom curtains according to Feng Shui, so let Iki curtains tell you that.

There are five principles to choose bedroom curtains according to Feng Shui that you should consider the following:

Principle 1: Choose bedroom curtains according to age and Five Elements

Selecting the curtains with matching colors will help homeowners have more money, health, and predestined. If you are Metal Element, choose white curtains; for Water Element, choose blue; for Fire Element, choose purple or red curtains; and yellow curtains are best for Earth Element.

Principle 2: choose curtains according to the effect of color.

Bedroom curtains have a variety of colors to choose from, but people often limit to choose red, black, and pink. Why so? Red and black bring a sense of visual inhibition, making you feel insecure and easy to associate with horror, the red of the blood and the dark of the night. And for those who are already married, pink curtains stimulate flower training, not suitable for married life and quickly cause a third person to appear.

Therefore, when choosing bedroom curtains, Iki recommends choosing bedroom curtains with bright colors, bringing a fresh, good feeling and stimulating the imagination to fly away for a bright future.

Principle 3: Choose curtains according to the wall color, suitable for the ceiling, wall color, and floor.

Choosing the right bedroom curtains for the ceiling, walls, and floors is an important issue! Not only creating a harmonious beauty for the room, but it also brings many good things to the owner. The ceiling represents the sky, the floor represents the earth and the wall, or the color of curtains represents people. Only when three things combine harmoniously will bring many resources. The color of the bedroom curtains or walls is darker than the ceiling color and is lighter than the background color, which is the perfect combination of the ceiling trio, curtains, and floor.

Principle 4: Choose bedroom curtains according to personality.

Follow what you want; that’s the best thing! Depending on your personality, you will have a bedroom curtain set you want. For courteous people, low-density curtains with bright colors are the first choice; And for those with strong personalities, they tend to choose bedroom curtains with many strange, stylish and trendy motifs.

However, it is not advisable to choose patterns such as skulls, bones, wild animals, etc. This brings horror and not good for Feng Shui in the family, especially for the elderly and young children. Therefore, Iki recommends that you show your personality, but it is best to be as beautiful as possible, which is personality.

Principle 5: Choose bedroom curtains according to the material.

Thick bedroom curtains bring a heavy feeling and create a secret. This is related to the atmosphere and destiny in the family; this is not expected. The more minimalist the curtains, the impressive textures, and inexpensive materials bring a light feeling, relaxed for homeowners, and high aesthetics. For small bedrooms, curtains with thin materials make the room open, while for large bedrooms, a set of curtains with neutral colors and not too thick material is a perfect choice.

Choose bedroom curtains according to Feng Shui is not easy but with five principles that we shared above, we hope to help you choose the right bedroom curtains just fit Feng Shui, both decorative effects and bring many lucky things, and fortune to your family.


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