How To Choose The Right Feng Shui Bedroom Colors?

When choosing colors for bedrooms, the most important thing is to choose colors that are harmonious and reasonable. Based on the Five Elements – the Feng Shui principles, the color of the bedroom as follows is said to be harmonious, bringing prosperity to the owners, and helping them sleep well.

What Color To Paint Bedroom Feng Shui?

The decoration of the bedroom is largely determined by the combination of colors, the house is generally divided into five main colors: window blinds, wall surfaces, floors, furniture, and bedding. Going back to nature has become what most modern people aim to, so pursuing the effect of natural identity decoration is also increasingly a common trend. Combining courteous bedding items, decorating the original color masterly, it will give people a new feeling, simple, noisy, noisy.

Best Color For Couple Bedroom Feng Shui

When choosing colors for couple bedrooms, you should not choose too many warm colors such as red, orange, yellow or even dark colors such as dark purple, black, dark blue. Because Feng Shui these colors will make people in the room feel uncomfortable, insecure.

In particular, you should not choose too many hot colors or dark colors because they will make the bedroom space become cramped and hotter.

If you love red, the couple’s room can use this color tone to combine white or light pink to make the space more balanced.

You should not choose the main wall paint color that is dark purple or gray but should only use these colors to create a highlight for the room to make the room become warm, more romantic.

In addition, some young couples have personality, they can use paint colors, decorate many colors and then use wallpaper with motifs, patterns to avoid using polygonal wallpaper. or sharp.

Best Color For Single Bedroom Feng Shui

According to Feng Shui, the bedroom is the place that should not use too many colors, especially the gloom will make the spirit of people uneasy, spouses or contradictions, friction.

Therefore, when choosing furniture, color curtain, wall paintings, bedsheets should be identical to the wall paint color.

You should also take advantage of natural light in combination with the illumination light that helps highlight the paint color and also contribute to making the space more spacious and airy.

On the wall should not hang or put too many objects will cover the wall paint color to make the space shrink to bring an uncomfortable feeling.

Choose bedroom colors based on the direction

The color of the bedroom should be soft, warm and green, the color is stable and balanced, the young and the young are all like. Bedroom walls that choose warm colors have the effect of promoting husband and wife and tightening their affection.

Selecting the color body for the bedroom must be based on the taste of the bedroom. According to the principles of the Five Elements, the azimuth of the bedroom has the following reciprocal relationship with color:

Bedroom in the East and Southeast: East and Southeast have Marble Elements, the colors of the East and Southeast bedrooms should be green (compatible) or blue, blue (mutual).

Southern bedroom: South has Marble Fire, South color bedroom should be purple, red, orange to be compatible or green to be compatible.

Western and Northwestern bedrooms: The West and Northwest directions have the Five Elements of Kim, the colors of the bedroom to the West and the Northwest should be white, gray (compatible) or yellow, brown (mutual).

Bedroom in the North: North has Five Elements of Water, the color of the bedroom in the North should be white, gray (mutual) or blue, blue (compatible).

Bedroom in the Southwest and Northeast: The South West and Northeast direction has the Five Elements of the Earth, the colors of the bedrooms to the Southwest and Northeast should be yellow, earth brown (compatible) or red, purple, orange (mutual).

Bedroom color should match the owner’s Five Elements

Staying in a bedroom suitable for his Feng Shui color will be beneficial for talents and career, and also good for health. Below we introduce colors that should correspond to different Feng Shui destiny:

Fire: The person who is in the Fire Element should choose the bedroom color to be green to be compatible, red, purple, pink to be compatible.

Earth: The person who is in the Earth Element should choose the bedroom color as red, purple, pink to be compatible or yellow, brown to be compatible.

Metal: The person who is in the Metal Element should choose the color of the bedroom to be yellow, the brown color to be compatible or white, gray, the recorded color to be compatible.

Water: The person who is in the Water Element should choose bedroom colors to be white, gray, gray to be compatible or blue, blue to be compatible.

Wood: The person who is in the Wood Element should choose the color of the bedroom to be blue, blue to be compatible or green to be compatible.


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