8 Feng Shui bedroom rules for babies/children to get good sleep and improve health

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Feng Shui bedroom for children is a good choice to improve health, support comprehensive development, and avoid bad air affecting your kids. Newborns are very sensitive to the source of vital energy in their surroundings, so parents should arrange the child’s bedroom accordingly to help improve the energy source in the home to help children sleep. So how to arrange a bedroom for babies with Feng Shui, please refer to the following article for more information.

1. Choose a good Feng Shui location your children bedroom

Ideally, a child’s room should be in the middle, or the front of the house, to create the feeling of being the central point, being cared for, cared for, safe. Do not choose a garage, warehouse, or an empty space below as a bedroom for your baby. Bedrooms should also not place where there is excessive noise, keep the baby to sleep, do not choose a room near a living room where there is a TV or near a noisy street.

A baby boy should be placed in the baby’s east or north part of the house, while a girl should be in the south, southeast, or western parts of the house. “Of course, this aspect of Feng Shui may be impossible for some small housing units or for those who don’t need a separate room for children.”

Babies should not be in newly built rooms, because at birth, the functions in the baby’s body are still very immature, almost always in a sleep state, so the newly built house lacks energy and steam. Warm is not good for the normal development of children.

2. Feng Shui location of the bed in kid’s room

Place the kid’s headboard against a solid wall (not vertically). Usually, parents put the length of the crib or child’s bed against the wall. Avoid doing this because the baby will be in a defensive position. The flow of bio-energy is blocked. The bed or crib should be placed at the farthest point from the room door.

  • The bed is not placed under a window or directly against the door of the room.
  • Do not place the bed under an inclined wall or inclined ceiling.
  • Avoid placing a baby bed on a wall shared with a bathroom, toilet, storage, or another type of utility room.
  • The headboard is set to the north, representing tranquility. Southwest and Northeast are the second acceptable choice.
  • Keep the space under the crib empty. Thoroughly clean the entire room, including walls, baseboards, windows, and floors with natural detergents: repair wall holes, cracks, creaking windows, peeling paint.
  • Never use under the bed as a place for storage as this creates trapped energy and interrupts sleep.

3. Choose gentle colors to Feng Shui your children bedroom

Children benefit from bright colors in the play area, but if they are used in a baby’s bedroom, babies can be more stimulated to the point that they don’t rest well. Because deep sleep in babies is necessary for healthy development, be sure to ensure tranquility, choose calming colors.

White is great for babies, avoiding too striking color schemes such as black and white because there is so much contrast. Choose the palette that is close to each other and harmonize with Feng Shui, like green and blue, white and beige, or pink and yellow.

Choose a soft color of green, blue, pink, orange, or beige for the walls. Do not choose red, yellow, gray, or black.

We should make the room less “distracting” about the design and drawings on the walls, trying to use soft colors. When you do this, you will notice a real improvement in your baby’s behavior and sleep.

However, older children can benefit from strong colors. Colors in rooms should be consulted specifically by a Feng Shui expert to suit the personal development of the child, in order to stimulate the overall and creativity of children, the bedroom should have a representative number of The main element colors of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal will bring specific benefits for children.

Use color combined with the compass direction (The Bagua map) of the bedroom for your kids, but the colors are softer. For example, if your baby’s room is in the East light using green (wood) with blue light (water) is the main factor nourished by support factors.

Bed sheets should use gentle colors. Red is not good. Soft blue is recommended. White curtains are the best.

Try gentle essential oils, such as chrysanthemum, rose, vanilla, and lavender for good ventilation.

4. Create circulation flows of good Chi in the room

Rooms that are too dirty and messy will become stagnant in energy, and this is not conducive to the child’s development. To create good, but soft and moving energy, hang a small speaker near the window, turn on melodious music, so it moves smoothly in the breeze throughout the room. Avoid placing babies under ceiling fans; wind fans will spread, disrupt energy in your body.

Removing past energy sources and creating a new atmosphere is a good starting point. This is simply broadcasting the space out by opening the windows on a sunny day, bringing the sun’s positive energy, light, and fresh air, remember to leave for about an hour or two. Using a ring or clap, these two methods will clean the space.

Put sea salt in small cups into all corners of the room, for three days, to clean the room. Keep the room clean and tidy. Do not pile items on the floor! This makes the flow of energy and gas stalled and lost, making the baby not sleep well.

Limit the number of toys and books in the room. Feng Shui practice is an old one to leave and receive something new to enter, making your baby’s life better. Tidy up the things that are no longer in use, old clothes, etc.

5. Eliminate sharp objects

If there is a sharp angle by the pole or point in the house pointing to the head or body. Move them away or partially away from the room, so they don’t point directly in the direction of the baby’s bed, or the hard edges from the cupboard, try to soften it with a silk vine or red ribbon.

6. Choose Feng Shui design motifs carefully in your children bedroom

Ornaments can also help the movement of vital energy; the natural design is excellent and promotes growth. The animal design should also be carefully chosen. Aggressive or aggressive animals, even if they are designed for a baby’s room, should not be chosen. One of these is found in tree designs including lion, tiger, bear and reptile drawings.

You should also make sure that the drawing design has no harsh points, no poison arrows pointing to the baby, no diamond edges, or triangles. Fish motifs are good as long as the water theme does not dominate. Otherwise, it may affect the airways, lungs, nose, or kidney problems.

7. Balance the light in your kid’s bedroom

During the day, the light in the baby’s room should not be too bright or too dark. Curtain settings can be lowered or raised as needed to keep the room at a comfortable light level (be sure to keep the cord out of baby’s reach). If the room is too bright, the baby will not relax much. If too dim, the room will be too “negative,” and the baby may not develop or have breathing problems.

Avoid using mirrors in the bedroom! It is positive energy (active) and can make it difficult to sleep at night. Instead, hanging a picture of a happy family or a flick of your favorite pet on the wall will create positive emotions and a sense of happiness and safety for your baby.

8. Avoid electronics as it’s bad for Feng Shui children bedroom

The electronic devices in a child’s room include computers, TVs, players, and stereo systems. They emit electromagnetic frequencies of EMFs, which are associated with an increased incidence of brain disease. If you need to use an electronic screen, try to keep it at least 3m away.

Your baby will soon be exploring the world by waking up all his senses, so as parents, you can use Feng Shui bedroom tips for your baby to create a safe environment. , healthy and nutritious, promote children’s natural development.

Hopefully, with good Feng Shui bedroom for babies to improve their health here, you will know how to arrange the bedroom for your child in the perfect way, suitable for Feng Shui heaven and earth to bring an abundance of energy for the child’s development, avoiding bad fortune.


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