How to Place A Feng Shui Bookshelf In Your Bedroom To Maximize Its Effects?

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Almost every family has a bookshelf, but not everyone pays attention to how to arrange bookshelves according to Feng Shui rules. It is mainly because the knowledge of Feng Shui bookshelves in bedroom is still limited. Some suggestions below will help you solve this problem at a glance.

The Bookshelf In Bedroom, According to Feng Shui

In fact, there are bookshelves in every family. The most suitable space for bookshelves should be spacious, but most of the current accommodation does not meet the requirements. The living area was modest, the place where bookshelves were placed was even more limited. Typically, bookshelves are combined in the living room or bedroom.

The bookshelf is the place containing the treasure of knowledge. Around it, there exists a positive source of magnetic fields, which can draw a lot of luck for homeowners if it is properly arranged with Feng Shui rules. Here are a few notes about Feng Shui standard bookshelves everyone should remember to avoid taboos.

How To Place Bookshelves In Your Bedroom? Using A Bagua map 

Feng Shui bookshelves should be arranged in the bedroom, according to the Bagua map, which is a way to correspond to the four main directions and four side directions of the compass. According to the Chinese compass, the South is at the top and the North is at the bottom.

Place this octagonal map straight with the bookshelf, imagining dividing the bookshelf into 8 sections, respectively. This applies to any bookshelf that is large, small, square or rectangular . Accordingly, the way to divide and organize books is as follows:

– The top left corner position: you can place books related to finance and business on the bookshelf to get a boost in your career or company.

– In the middle of the top: you should display awards, medals, certificates of achievement, etc. In addition, books about the field you are working and want to succeed can also be placed here.

– The top right corner: You should have books about love or relationship. It should be noted, do not put too many sad romance novels because it affects your mood, make you sad, depressed.

– The left of the second row:  The ideal place to place family photos or books on how to build a home, books on common sense, health, the secret to keeping happiness.

– In the right corner of the second row is the place for children’s stories, art books, any kind of books that inspire creativity in you. A few small decorative art pieces should also be placed in this corner.

– The bottom left corner should put knowledge-heavy books.

– The middle position at the end of the bookshelf you should put the books related to your career, work documents or upcoming projects …

– Finally, in the bottom right corner, you can place books about travel or books left by grandparents, ancestors, religious and spiritual books. Those books are more on the spiritual side than information and knowledge. 

Where To Place The Bookshelf To Feng Shui Your Bedroom?

According to Feng Shui, setting up bookshelves the right way in your bedroom will bring a lot of luck for your family and career. Here are some rules you can follow:

– According to Feng Shbookshelves, the best place to place shelves is in the northeast corner of the house. However, if there are doors or windows, you should not list prices.

– Some people think that bookshelves should not be placed in the bedroom because the creative energy from books can disturb sleep. However, that is not feasible because many apartments have limited space, need to take advantage of bedroom space bookshelves. In case of placing bookshelves in bedrooms, pay attention to 1m or more beds. Do not use bookshelves attached to the bed or located right above the head when sleeping, avoiding pressure or an accident.

– Do not list books too high (more than 2m) beside or right in front of your desk. According to Feng Shui, high bookshelves are like mountains, causing many obstacles for your work.

– When sleeping, do not lie facing the opposite side of the bookshelf.

– Do not leave good books for any object to be messy under the bed even if the room is narrow or it is no longer used. That will cause a lot of bad health issues, emotional affairs. Placing items under the bed is indiscriminate n hững error bedroom Feng Shui makes conjugal disharmony.

– Always keep the bookshelf clean, tidy, and dust-free.

– In any case, absolutely do not put scissors or any sharp objects on bookshelves, including swords and blades used for decoration. 


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