Can You Hang Art Or Painting To Feng Shui Your Bedroom?

Pictures are one of the decorative accessories that should be available on the empty walls inside the bedroom. In particular, hanging paintings also promote the use of certain Feng Shui to help couples get harmony if they choose the right way. So what kind of principles should a bedroom hang according to Feng Shui follow? Here is the secret to choosing Feng Shui hanging arts in your bedroom.

Principles For Choosing Feng Shui Artwork For Master Bedroom

– In the East direction: In the Five Elements, the main direction of the Eastern part of Wood, the landlord can hang water paintings, however, it should only be a small lake to Wood.

– Southeast direction: This direction has five elements in the Fire, so it is suitable for Feng Shui pictures of mountains, Moc Sinh Hoa helps the whole family be peaceful and good.

– South direction: Similar to the Southeast, the South belongs to Hoa, so it is suitable to hang high-shaped pictures.

– Northeast direction: This is considered the best demand for the bridge because the Northeast has the five elements of the Earth. At this location in the bedroom should hang a picture of horses by horses belonging to the Fire, which Fire gave birth to Earth, thereby helping homeowners money like water.

– North direction: Feng Shui paintings such as “Nine Fishery Association” symbolizing Martians can help very well for the Water position, contributing to attack and attack fortune.

– North-West direction: A Feng Shui picture of a round mountain will reduce the killing intent of Metal, thereby helping the master’s career path to be cleared.

– The main West direction: The West is composed of five elements of Metal, so a picture of Earth (Earth -> Metal) like a house and a wall will help the host’s property to be more stable.

– Southwest direction: Mercury painting will support very actively for the southwestern Metal of the Five Elements, helping couples to pray for children and financial wishes.

What To Avoid When Hanging Feng Shui Bedroom Pictures Above Bed?

– Do not hang portraits, especially portraits of strangers: To avoid one of two people, spouses are distracted from other people, families should avoid hanging portraits in the bedroom, especially portraits of strangers, instead, it is recommended to hang picturesque or swan paintings so that the affection of husband and wife is more stable and passionate.

– Do not hang embroidery pictures in the bed: When hanging wedding pictures in the position of the bed is very easy to generate jealousy, discord or dispute between husband and wife because the bed is considered a bad position. , will negatively affect the hanging picture in this area.

– You should hang a bright landscape picture, possibly an open flower field in the opposite position of the bed to make the life of the couple more gentle and bright.

– Do not hang religious paintings such as Buddha, Holy: Buddha paintings, the Holy just fit hanging in the sacred shrine space, absolutely not used in the bedroom.

– Do not hang Feng Shui paintings with birds and wild animals: Pictures with birds and wild animals when hanging in the bedroom are easy to frighten you when you wake up, thereby adversely affecting your sleep. sleep.

– Do not hang abstract art paintings: The abstract paintings are mostly not easy to understand, easy to make your spirit decline, lack of clarity, leading to reduced transport. The best abstract paintings should only be hung in the living room or reading room.

– Do not choose peony pictures, roses: Peony pictures or roses often bring cherry blossoms, not good for marriage, so avoid hanging in the couple’s bedroom.

Pictures of peonies and paintings of roses can only be hung in a bedroom of a female or a boy who is single to improve their predestined relationships and enhance their affection. However, if used, you should also hang just right, avoid hanging too much causing bad things.

– Do not hang paintings with unusual topics: Feng Shui paintings with unusual themes like a lonely falcon, idyllic alpine standing or looting cat … are considered not good to hang in the bedroom. It is very easy for the owner to feel restless, anxious and lonely.

– Do not hang pictures of sunset: Paintings of sunset and sunset are very beautiful and highly artistic but not suitable for Feng Shui to hang in the bedroom. The lowness of this type of paint will make people in the room alert of birth, the mood becomes sad, lonely.

Golden Tips When Choosing Feng Shui Paintings For Bedroom

From ancient times to the present, paintings are always the first choice to decorate the bedroom of newly married couples. The paintings in the couple’s bedroom are often used as romantic paintings, feng shui paintings, expressing the desire to bring good luck, love and happiness.

Selecting paintings hanging in the couple’s bedroom in addition to paying attention to the five-year parity of the couple, the couples should choose the pictures hanging lovingly, warm, in pairs, so that the air in the room becomes warm pressure, salinity, harmony. 

Or maybe the feng shui paintings are gentle, relaxing, creating a feeling of comfort, tranquility, avoiding abstraction, causing feelings of inhibition and discomfort. In addition, it is possible to decorate the newlyweds’ bedrooms with young children’s pictures to bring good luck, early birth and death.

In particular, it is not advisable to hang paintings with flowers-like content of wilting, winter, pictures showing coldness and loneliness, this is not good for couple’s affection.

Above are the principles to choosing bedroom paintings according to Feng Shui and some beautiful pictures for your reference. Hopefully, with this article of ours, you will be able to choose Feng Shui paintings to decorate beautiful bedrooms as well as increase health and wealth for your family.


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