Feng Shui Bat: Learn More About This Iconic Symbol And How To Apply It In Your Home

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Feng shui bat is a mascot that symbolizes luck and happiness, so it appears on many symbols in life. Do not ignore the exciting information about this feng shui item in this article below!

What is feng shui bat?

In nature, bats are one of the animals that play an essential role in the ecosystem. They help pollinate flowers and spread seeds. Bats’ food is insects such as flies, mosquitoes, so they also help to kill insects to protect crops. Bats do not harm humans.

Since ancient times, people often circulate that bats are because mice turn into them, rats eating salt will turn into bats. Because bats have a body and head that looks like mice, they are called with names such as maternity test, non-test (flying mouse), first try (first mouse), etc. 

In addition, bats have a habit of feeding and feeding at night, while the daytime hangs upside down in the caves to rest. It is this particular characteristic of bats, so the ancients often consider them as elves.

In ancient times, bat images were second only to dragons after the dragon. Under the Manchu emperors, among the precious symbols were embroidered on the king’s planes, the red bats were most used. It often appears next to the image of clouds and water on the planes of kings.

In feng shui, bats are considered a symbol of luck, sand, prosperity, and wellbeing. The reason is that because, in Chinese, the word “happiness” (bat) is homonymous with the word “happiness” in the word “good fortune.” Therefore, bats become animals that symbolize happiness and good luck.

Thanks to the lucky meaning, the bat image has been widely used in life. You can easily see the image of this animal appearing in sand paintings, sculptural patterns, and comes with other good things.

The meaning of bats in feng shui

In feng shui, bats are a symbol of good luck, and a feng shui item used to pray for wealth and happiness. The positive meaning of this animal is its own name, as mentioned above.

Therefore, bats are often used to decorate many areas of life. We often see images of bats in pagoda architecture, painting, sculpture and some worshiping things such as incense, copper peaks.

Folk also has the concept that bats flying into houses are a blessing because they will bring good things and protection to the owner. So if you see bats flying into the house, don’t rush to chase them away! Chances are your family is going to have a lot of luck in money matters. 

The bat image in feng shui

The image of the bat is portrayed by artisans in combination with the accompanying symbols such as the bats, buds, and fruit berries, containing the “intentions” of the designer. 

Today, many designers have also applied feng shui bat images to their home design to bring the spirit to their homeowners. Each of these combined images has different meanings, expressing the idea of ​​the artisans and the feng shui arrangements from the old days of our father.

Image of 2 bats

The symbol of 2 bats turns face to face, the wings spread wide, forming a large inner circle which is a very familiar image and implies full happiness and fullness. Moreover, if only one bat will be single, two bats are a complete couple. So this symbol also means everything is good and luck is doubled.

Image of 5 bats:

The image of 5 feng shui bats that are seamlessly drawn is called “five blessings,” i.e., five blessings are blessed by heaven. The symbol of 5 bats symbolizes a happy and full life – something that everyone wants.

You can easily see images of the bat on the altar in the family or architecture in shrines, temples, temples. It is not natural that this image appears so much; in fact, it has an extraordinary meaning.

Bats represent “happiness,” the symbol of a life-long bat shows the desire of any person, which is the word “good life” – that is, a life rich and happy and living for hundreds of years. 

Image of bats sucking coins:

Images of bats with coins also carry the meaning of luck and abundant fortune. Using feng shui items with images of bats on the top of copper coins below will help the owner of the skill to guide the wealth and suck the air into the house.

The image of bats lying on peaches:

In the conception of the ancients, peaches in feng shui represent longevity; immortality should be a very precious fruit. Therefore, the image of sitting on the peach is the symbol of happiness and wellbeing, expecting to be rich in virtue.

Bat image on the top of the copper:

The peak of copper or censer is one of the very popular accessories in the worship space. This item is also a sacred ornament, so the external form is very invested and crafted. The image of feng shui bat is one of the most used symbols to portray the body of worshiping peak samples.

This way of doing both increases the preciousness of the copper top while helping homeowners take advantage of the good uses that bats bring. This type of copper peak is called a copper bat peak or bat copper peak and is often combined with lotus flowers and daisies.

The image of a bat in a temple, a temple and a temple: In sacred places of worship such as communal houses, shrines, pagodas, etc., in addition to the traditional architectural style of using long, glass, statues, etc., some village houses are also used by artisans with reliefs — bat picture.

Image of red bat

For a long time, red bats have become a symbol of happiness and happiness. Red is a lucky color, brings joy, and can avoid evil. In Chinese, the red color is “pink,” the red bat means “infinite blessing” or the great happiness of life.

Thus, it can be seen that each combination of bats with accompanying images has its symbolic meaning, while increasing expressiveness, increasing the use of sand walls does not lose the aesthetics of things. 

The special meaning of bat images, “five blessings.”

In bat icons, images of 5 bats are considered to have the highest significance. The five bats combined are considered “five blessed,” and five blessed things, blessings blessed by heaven will come to the homeowners.

“Five blessings” are written in the Upper Book as follows: “The first is Tho, the second is Phuc, the third is Khang Ninh, the fourth is the Duc Hao, the fifth is the common judge.”

The specific implication is only five blessings: 

– The first is a long life.

– Monday is rich and wealthy.

– Tuesday is peace and happiness.

– Fourthly, it is fun to practice virtue.

– The fifth is to live long to the end of life, without sickness.

Sometimes artisans only portray images of 5 bats standing alone, but sometimes they combine with three peach images. Since peaches are the symbol of longevity, there are often three peaches in the middle of 5 bats. Such a design is meant to wish for long life and to enjoy the full blessing of life.

Moreover, in the concept of folklore, numbers 3 and five are considered positive (good numbers). In Business Ethics, No. 3 carries the meaning of proliferation; all things bring an eternal life because it comes from the phrase “A birth of two, two, three, and three births.”

How to use feng shui bat

Feng shui bats are used in many fields in life, such as paintings, sand patterns, design motifs. Because of bringing good feng shui energy, the symbols of the image of bats in feng shui should be hung in the position of indoor sand, especially in the living room to attract more and more fortune and blessing for the whole family.

If you want the fortune of the whole family to be well-informed, to work and to do business smoothly, you can hang the picture or the symbol of the bat species on the door to express the meaning of “the five blessings of the subject.” 

Especially during the New Year days, hanging pictures of the five blessings in front of the door also brings the consent to the house and blesses the home. In addition, the icon of feng shui bat also has the effect of supplementing and improving some designs that violate the terrible manner of the house.

If the house has many crossbeams, to avoid this design adversely affecting the health and fitness of everyone in the family, you can hang a feng shui bat icon or a drawing of a bat on the ends of a crossbar. This will help resolve the lousy way caused by the crossbar. 

For those who like to use paintings to increase the aesthetics of the house, they can hang bat paintings to pray for peace and luck for the whole family. Bat paintings are thought to be very suitable for those who are born in 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992 and 2004. 

Note when using feng shui bat

When you want to use feng shui bats to pray for fine sand for the whole family, you should pay attention to some of the following issues to develop the best use of the bat as well as not to commit any excellent cavalry in feng shui.

  • Bats have the characteristics of rats, so people of Ox, Monkey, Dragon age are very fond of using paintings or feng shui items for batting to increase their fortune. People of Horse, Goat and Cat age are not suitable for mice, so they are not suitable to use feng shui bat.
  • Besides, the Southcentral direction is considered to conflict with the rat species, so it is not appropriate to hang bat paintings in this direction of the house.
  • The excellent direction to hang paintings is in the course of Northeast, Southwest, Southeast, and North direction. These are locations that are compatible with bats, which will bring good omen to the owner. 


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