Discover The Nine Sectors Of The Bagua, Their Meanings In Feng Shui And How They Can Help You Live Healthier & Happier

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The nine sectors of the Bagua relate to nine areas of your house, and these in turn link with nine aspects of your life. If an aspect of your life is making you unhappy, you’ll find out how to link that aspect to a relevant sector of your house. You will then find out how to make a start on changing things for the better.

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Answer the Following Questions

  1. Do you want to get ahead in your career or change it com- pletely? If the answer is yes, reinforce the NORTH area.
  2. Do you want your talents to be noticed, or do you want to have great success from one of your skills? If the answer is yes, reinforce the SOUTH sector.
  3. Do you feel you have too many money problems or you just want to be more prosperous? If the answer is yes, reinforce the SOUTHEAST area.
  4. Do you want family relationships to work better, or do you just want a general improved sense of well-being for your- self and all who live on the premises? If the answer is yes, reinforce the EAST area.
  5. Are you keen to have children? Do you have creative urges or want to create something new in your life? If so, reinforce the WEST area.
  6. Do you want to meet the perfect partner or find new romance? Do you want to improve your intimate love relationship or find a better balance and harmony between you and your lover? If so, reinforce the SOUTHWEST corner of your home.
  7. Do you want to improve your mind? Do you seek wisdom or want to explore spiritual or intellectual philosophies? Do you want to pass an exam or achieve something in educa- tion? If so, reinforce the NORTHEAST corner of your home.
  8. Do you want to improve communication channels, make new contacts, or boost your interactive skills? If so, reinforce the NORTHWEST corner of your home.
  9. Do you want to know yourself better, begin to live out your true potential, and feel at one with yourself? If so, enhance the CORE of your home.

Find the area that you want to improve, but don’t try to do too much at once; Feng Shui is about balancing energies, not overdo- ing one at the expense of others.

The meaning of the Bagua sectors

North: Career

Key element: The north sector of your home is reinforced by a water enhancement.

To make your professional life work more smoothly or to pro- mote beneficial energy in your career, use a simple water feature such as images of fish, an aquarium, or a blue bowl.

Harmony in the North Sector

The north sector of your home probably has much less light than the south, so it’s important to avoid drabness. Don’t use dark blue and black, colors that are associated with the water element. Also, it’s important not to overemphasize water, or you’ll find yourself working day and night. If you have too great a water enhance- ment, your career might take precedence over every other aspect of your life, a belief that can be detrimental to relationships.

Metal and wood elements are both compatible with water, so you can introduce a little of both to balance the general atmo- sphere of this part of your home. A small feature of trickling water over stones and some small upright plants is one possible choice. 

Alternatively, brighten up the north sector of your home with metal items, such as stainless steel objects, gold- or silver- framed pictures, or a bowl of coins, all of which are highly auspi- cious for financial success in your career.

The bedroom is a special case, as you want to avoid anything to do with commerce and careers in this area. Avoid medium or dark blue colors if your bedroom is in the north of the home. The bedroom should be a place of rest and calm, and blue can evoke bad dreams and erratic sleep patterns.

South: Fame and Fortune

Key element: Using fire enhancements will reinforce the south area of your home.

The south represents brightness and happiness, and it has a summery, yang energy. It’s the sector of your home that, if har- monized, will bring everyone in the household external recogni- tion and a sense of achievement. To boost your reputation and to enhance your talents and chances for success, use a fire feature in this part of your home, such as the color red, a photo of a red sunrise, or any redbird imagery. Redbirds are highly auspicious in Feng Shui.

Harmony in the South Sector

You probably get most natural light in the south of your home. The corresponding color for the south direction is red, so you don’t want to add more red here, or you may bring anger and unsettled emotions into the home. To balance the spirited fiery energy of this part of your home, use wood and earth objects here. Too much fame can make you self-centered and intolerant, so it’s important to incorporate earth and wood balancers such as soft ochres and dusky desert yellows, along with antiques, plants, and books. 

This combination will give you a far more realistic sense of what fame and fortune mean to you, while still encour- aging high self-esteem and achievement of personal goals with- out overinflating your sense of importance.

Southeast: Wealth and Prosperity

Key element: The southeast area of your home is reinforced using wood enhancements.

Place images in greens and yellows here to promote a sense of wealth and to improve your financial situation. To really give this area a boost, place a money plant, also called a jade plant, near a window.

Harmony in the Southeast Sector

The Chinese consider the southeast area of the home the most important because it represents the family’s prosperity and long- term wealth. By balancing this area of the home you will encour- age financial security for you and your family. Don’t overdo the money plants and Chinese three-legged money-toad ornaments, though, as too many cures can create havoc with your finances.

Alternatively, they may improve your prospects and increase your wealth but generate other problems. Greed, financial manipu- lation, and envy are likely to take over if you get too obsessed with boosting this area of your home. Note that a bathroom in the southeast corner of your home can be detrimental to your finances, as the positive energy will be constantly flushed away. 

If you have a bathroom in this area, it’s best to keep the toilet seat down and the door shut when the room is not in use. To harmo- nize the southeast further, incorporate a fire (bright lighting and red glass objects) and water (a small aquarium or images of fish) cure .

East: Family and Well-Being

Key element: The eastern sector of your home is reinforced by wood enhancements.

To improve the general health and well-being of your family or to improve family relationships, place objects such as plants, natural wooden objects, an ornamental jade tree, or a piece of malachite in this part of the home.

Harmony in the East Sector

We all know that good health is the key to a happy life, so it’s important to focus on balancing the energy of this area well. If you have a missing east sector due to the shape of your home, it’s imperative that you hang a mirror facing directly eastward to encourage and reflect positive energy. Also use cures and enhancements in the eastern corners of every room to reinforce this missing area.

The Chinese believe good health is about the balance of yin (cold) and yang (hot) energy in the body, while allowing the Ch’i to flow freely. In Feng Shui, it’s important to use wood cures in tandem with water and fire to get the balance of energy right. Plants are essential, but don’t fill your eastern sector with twenty spider plants and expect to be as fit as a fiddle. 

Boost the east with a water feature such as a painting or other images of ships, waves, and waterfalls. The water or the image of water must be active and in motion for this enhancement to be highly beneficial. 

Avoid scenes of lakes and ponds, as they can create depressing rather than vitalizing energy. Replace any withered plants imme- diately. If you have no room for potted plants, then incorporate

West: Children and Creativity

Key element: The west sector of your home is reinforced with metal enhancements.

To promote creativity and fertility, whether your goal is to create children of the mind, soul, or body, place a set of wind chimes, a brass bell, or a white, gold, or silver image in this part of your home.

Harmony in the West Sector

We all want to have happy, healthy children, and by activating and balancing the west part of your home, you will create a harmoni- ous family life and boost the psyches and development of your children. This is also an important area for your own creativity and fertility. Like anything in Feng Shui, however, if you use too much metal enhancement you’ll end up with obstinate, uncontrollable children with academic problems. 

You might also find that too much metal enhancement affects your fertility if you’re hoping to have children, or that your creative juices stop flowing when you’re trying to finish writing that novel. To reinforce good energy here, incorporate earth and water cures to bring balance to the area. 

A good earth booster for this part of your home is a piece of pink tourmaline or rose quartz crystal. To motivate a child, place a piece of amethyst crystal in the child’s work area. Introduce ceramic, glassware, or objets d’art. Fill a basket or jar with pebbles or shells from the beach.

Southwest: Relationships and Love

Key element: The southwest area of your home is reinforced using earth enhancements.

To enhance love, bring new romance, or make relationships more enduring, use pairs of real flowers (fresh ones are best), an illustration of a pair of lovebirds or mandarin ducks, or figurines of couples (but not all of these at once!). A piece of rose quartz crystal helps generate tolerance and understanding.

Harmony in the Southwest Sector

The southwest corner of your home is usually bright and well lit by natural light. This is a crucial area to work on if you want har- monious love relationships or new romance. It doesn’t help to balance the area if you cram it with endless photos of you and your partner. 

It also doesn’t help the situation if you put lots of pictures of you on your own or keep a hoard of old letters, mementos, or souvenirs from past love affairs in this area. Too much earth enhancement in the southwest area will swamp you with love problems rather than create harmony, so you should incorporate several fire and metal cures to balance the more self-indulgent aspects of earth with passion and integrity. Incorporate a piece of metal furniture or gilt picture frames to add metal.

If the southwest area is your bedroom, don’t hang mirrors that reflect the bed, as this distorts physical desire and also causes bad sleeping patterns. Introduce some fire by adding shades of red to the fabrics or décor; for a metal enhancement, choose a brass or wrought-iron bedstead.

Northeast: Education and Knowledge

Key element: The northeast area of your home is reinforced using earth enhancements.

To improve self-wisdom, pass school exams, or help with edu- cational issues, fill a bowl with small stones or pebbles and place it on a ledge or table. Use soft ochre colors, or place images of harvests, autumn, or a favorite landscape on the walls.

Harmony in the Northeast Sector

To maintain the balance in this part of your home, it’s essen- tial that you place fire cures here. Too much earth enhance- ment can make family members show off their knowledge and believe they know best or use their educational achievements as power-tripping or manipulative tools. 

To activate a good sense of achievement and educational success, use red in your décor or hang up a gilt-framed mirror. If this area falls in your study, then it’s doubly auspicious, but you need to balance this high-powered energy with a metal cure, too. 

For example, line drawings, etch- ings, or engravings on the wall promote good metal energy. In the northeast corner of the room in which you study, place an amethyst crystal to boost the power of the mind.

Northwest: Communication, Friends, Mentors

Key element: The northwest area of your home is reinforced using metal enhancements.

To improve your relationships with friends, colleagues, and mentors and to open the communication channels for new con- tacts or beneficial advice, use the color white, or place silver- threaded cushions or wind chimes in this area.

Harmony in the Northwest Sector

This sector of your home is revered above all the others in tradi- tional Feng Shui. The Chinese considered this to be an area asso- ciated with good luck. “Mentor luck,” as they call it, forms the key to success and good fortune. Having a mentor was regarded as the pathway to power and ultimate happiness. 

To attract this kind of luck and cultivate mentors (or simply people who can get you where you want to be), you must balance this area really well. If you place too heavy an emphasis on metal cures, however, your networking system will be overloaded with “unlucky” mentors. In other words, you may become desperate to meet the right con- tact and end up listening to everyone you meet. 

Alternatively, you may scare off the real mentors rather than drawing them to you. The addition of earth cures will give you every opportunity for good communication and networking. Incorporate natural crys- tals or ceramic ornaments, and use earth colors such as ochres and yellows in your soft furnishings or décor to complement white walls.

Center: The Core

Key element: For the core area, there is no ruling element, so use a combination of all the elements.

Choose one enhancement from each of the elements to enhance self-love and personal growth.

If the core area falls in a part of your house where several walls meet, as is often the case, use images on the walls rather than trying to place objects in awkward positions. If the core area falls in the middle of a room or in a hallway, then use the cures on the nearest table, ledge, or wall.

For example:

  • To add wood: Choose a favorite upright plant or a vibrant landscape image.
  • To add fire: Place a mirror on the wall facing good light.
  • To add water: Place a piece of aquamarine on a shelf or opt for an image of flowing water.
  • To add metal: Place a piece of black obsidian on a low ledge, or coins in a metal cup .
  • To add earth: Put a large conch shell on a table, hang a small tapestry, or incor- porate soft browns and ochres into your décor.


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