Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors: What Is It And How To Use It?

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Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors is the smart choice to disintegrate the house or the land without Feng Shui. There are three common types of mirrors, each promoting different uses.

Uses of Bagua Mirrors in Feng Shui

In Feng Shui, the use of the Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors as a means of resolving Feng Shui defects. It means that the transformation of material from an inappropriate environment becomes suitable to achieve the most complete Feng Shui effect, bringing good things to the owner. 

Bagua is a symbol of the universe, the interference between people and the landscape so it really works with the case of too many angled designers, facing electric poles, transformers, ants other high-rise structures, toilets, kitchens … help change gas fields, eliminate negative effects. The Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors only works to neutralize, not harmful.

There are three types of common Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors, each with different uses of Feng Shui.

 Feng Shui Convex mirror

This type of mirror looks like a tortoiseshell, has a protruding spherical shape, is used for the outside of the house to neutralize bad houses such as the house opposite the light pole, sharp objects, the elevator, the road running straight into the house, the electric pole. , traffic signs…

 Note, the convex Bagua mirror is used to “distract”, disperse bad airfields, prevent them from entering the house. Therefore, do not leave this mirror in the house, only for external use.

Feng Shui Concave mirror

Bagua concave mirror aims to attract positive energy into the house, or to prevent the displaced gas resources outside. For example, in the case of the main door facing the stairs, the indoor air will be scattered, so hanging the concave Feng Shui Bagua mirror in front of the door will benefit the house.

Flat Feng Shui mirror

The flat Bagua mirror has both effects of attracting and dispersing energy depending on the hanging position. If hanging in the position of sand benefit, it will attract good gas, on the contrary, hanging in the direction of the vehicle will promote the utility of preventing and turning bad air. 

Note, this mirror should only be placed outside the house and should not hang too much (the whole house should not exceed 3).

How to hang Feng Shui Bagua mirrors in your home?

According to Feng Shui, mirrors work to reflect the airflow coming and being used in the case of being in the wrong direction or the homeowner. Using the mirror of the Bagua to improve the environment for the house, to bring talent to bless and eliminate evil, to bring peace to the owner.

At present, when the situation of “crowded land is crowded”, facing the house with electric poles, tall buildings, transformers … is unavoidable. The house located at those locations will encounter killing intent. If it can’t be solved, people living in the house face risks at work, health …

The use of Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors as a common and effective way of solving the above cases.

Besides, hanging a Feng Shui Bagua mirror in the room and putting it on a table can help regulate the atmosphere and the magnetic field. In this way, the mood of homeowners is always calm, relaxed, healthy or if they get sick, they will gradually recover.

Usually, the Eight-headed mirror is the symbol of the universe and only works to neutralize, no harm.

However, if the upper part of the Eight-Tailed Beast has the spirit of a tiger-riding general, in the hands of a soldier or a tiger, it will be detrimental to the house. Because the gods of the hand holding an army or a tiger have killing intent. This type of mirror, if hanging outside-facing other people’s houses, will also affect their home.

What to avoid when hanging Feng Shui Bagua Mirror?

As an item that has the effect of overcoming, protecting and resolving the Feng Shui faults, it is very effective, but if using the Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors the wrong way, the landlord will have to suffer unexpected consequences.

Hanging in the house is a wrong way to use the Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors . Because this is an object that has the effect of reflecting, diffusing bad energy, not furniture or strengthening Feng Shui. Cases of hanging mirrors in the house must have the opinion of the Feng Shui teacher. 

The mistake in using the next Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors is to hang too many mirrors in the house, counterproductive. The house should only hang two mirrors, one on the front, one on the back is enough. Not as much hanging as possible. 

The Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors carved gods riding a tiger with arms or tigers with weapons to create strong killing intent. If this mirror is hung, the weapons everywhere also pull up to the house with overwhelming strength that makes the mirror succumb. Can be affirmed, this is onehow to use the most misguided Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors , many people suffer because they think that the Feng Shui Bagua mirror has the auxiliary tiger god, the more powerful.

Besides, there are wrong ways to use Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors without affecting my family but harmful to the opposite house such as hanging a Feng Shui Bagua mirror when not needed, hanging a mirror of a Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors, hanging a bowl of a bowl with a nose shape the shot straight, the gun barrel in front of the door, … So, how many killing intents that the mirror reflects directly into the opposite house, is not recommended.

The bagua Feng Shui Bagua Mirrors are strong Feng Shui items, not just buying and hanging up is okay, needing a decent ceremony to promote its ability. Mirror bought should be covered in red cloth, put on the altar, people with expertise will read maintenance notes to clear and then proceed to hang. 


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